i’m the person behind the camera

I’ll guide you through the entire process

My name is Megan and if you're reading this, you're in love! I'm a nature gal, down to earth, a film lover, and always ready for an adventure. I'm also a balance between organized and spontaneous, so while key pillars such as hair and makeup and wardrobe will be taken care of, spur of the moment ideas are always welcome! Read below for a detailed recap of the day we'll spend together.

Contact me

01. Schedule a Consultation Call

The very first step is scheduling a consultation call. We want to make sure we're a good fit, as we'll be spending a lot of time together! It's also the easiest way for us to go over dates, style, locations, pricing, and any questions you may have.

02. Sit Back & Relax

Once we have the date set, the location chosen, and the hair and makeup artist booked, you can leave the rest to me! I may pitch a few fun ideas, such as horseback riding or a local diner, but they will always be in line with who you both are as a couple.

03. Photo Shoot & Timeline

The hair and makeup will meet you hours before our photo shoot, and then we'll choose a location to meet at. We'll change on the go, and depending on your package, we'll spend an hour, five hours, or a full day together. A day after our session, we'll hop on a zoom call to go through your photos, selecting your favorites. Within a week, you'll have the final images in your hands! Ordering a fine art book? Please give 8-12 weeks for their arrival. They're handmade in Portugal, so it's worth the wait!